Xbox One is passed to Fluent Design

Microsoft is changing many things, and one of them is the Windows interface , which has a new design paradigm called Fluent Design . We have already seen how this project has affected the visual aspect of several sections of Windows 10 on desktop PCs and laptops, but now these changes are also directed to the Xbox One . In fact, members of the Xbox Insiders program have access to this new aspect of the desktop or dashboard of the Xbox One, which gains integers not only in its appearance but in its usability. Several are the additional improvements of an interface that bets for the total customization and that also affects the Game Bar and the game settings in Windows 10. these are one of the best  gtx 1060 laptop under 1000

Menus to your liking and with a "fluid" design

The team responsible for the Xbox division indicated how these changes are already available for the Xbox Insiders of the "Alpha Ring", the fastest ring of updates that allows to evaluate these characteristics (still in development, and therefore with the odd possible failure ) in a preliminary way. The four areas in which we will notice the changes are the following:
Personalization of the home desktop : the home screen or Home interface of the Xbox One is what will allow us to notice from the start that new design paradigm. The so-called Fluent Design joins the customization options so that the behavior of this first screen fits our needs. We can add new games to the start menu as we do in the animated tiles of the Windows 10 menu, and these new "blocks" will cause other related appear in that menu. The screens "Home", "Social" "My games" and "Applications" have been consolidated in a single experience in the dashboard. 

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Better navigation for the guide : the section of the content guide has been improved so that actions such as connecting with new friends, issuing games or changing from one application to another or game is done quickly and transparently. There are new tabs for different sections of that guide where you can access our achievements, login, messages or contact list.

A more immersive community : connecting with your friends and with clubs on the Xbox One has been reinvigorated with this new interface. In the community section we now have a new news feed that shows more content at a glance, and reading the comments is easier since we can expand the view so that it occupies the entire screen. There are also novelties when discovering new clubs that may interest us or manage those of which we are already a part.

An even better game bar in Windows 10 : as we said, the changes also affect Windows 10. Activating Game Mode is now easier thanks to a small switch in the Game Bar, and if we want to retransmit the game through Mixer we will have more options on audio, being able to choose between a single sound of the game or the sound of our entire system (including, of course, that of our microphone).