Restore iPad and icloud music library  

WDo you need to restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you're not sure how to do it? In this guide we explain, step by step, the different ways to do it, whether using iTunes or directly from the iOS device itself. The restore will return the operating system of the device to its factory state , that is, it will completely eliminate all of our configurations, apps and data. Restoring an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is the ideal way to get rid of certain issues that may arise after a period of use of the iDevice. The most common problems appear after upgrading from the operating system (especially with changes from one version of iOS to another, for example from iOS 8 to iOS 9 ) or with the passage of time and the accumulation of "garbage" or debris in the device: temporary caches, orphaned files that are left when removing apps, logs of certain applications, modifications of important files in case of having Jailbreak and a long etcetera of different reasons).. Learn how to factory reset ipad here!

Restoring or resetting the operating system will not solve a hardware failure, but it can help us detect a failure of this type . If, for example, we have problems with the camera or the microphone of our device and after restoring the problem continues the most likely is the failure is hardware. That is why Apple always asks us to make a complete restoration before sending a device for repair, because in case of a software failure the restoration would solve it in most cases. Turn off icloud music library

As we said at the beginning of the article, restoring an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch eliminates completely all the data, apps and settings stored on the device . That is, a restore of an iOS device is the equivalent of formatting and reinstalling the operating system on a computer. As you will be imagining, our first recommendation is that before restoring a device we must make a complete backup of it. Thus, we can always recover the data and settings that we had before performing the "format".

Usually the restoration is completed correctly with these steps, although if there are any problems, in some cases it may be necessary to follow this guide to put the device in DFU or restoration mode . Here's how to restore an iDevice , both from iTunes and from the device itself. How to restore an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from iTunes Our recommendation is that, whenever possible, this mode is used to restore a device. With it what we get is a complete installation from scratch . iTunes is responsible for downloading the version of the operating system that we have installed from Apple's servers and installs it from scratch.

The iCloud library , Apple's cloud storage service, gives us the ability to sync all Apple Music songs on all of our iOS devices. This is a very useful functionality, especially if we usually use the music application and we have several iPhone or iPad. Both Apple Music and iTunes Match offer access to the iCloud music library, and allow us to access all Mac songs on up to 10 of our iOS devices. But, as you have already noticed by the title of this article, it is possible NOT to use the iCloud music library as part of our Apple Music subscription. Do you want to know how to do it? It is very easy, you only have to follow a series of steps that we will dictate to you next. 

If you disable this option on all your devices, this series of changes are presented below in Apple Music: You will not be able to relay songs from your Mac to your iPhone, iPad or other Macs. You also will not be able to download songs or playlists from Apple Music to other devices, which means that there will be no access without an Internet connection . You will not be able to manually sync music from the iTunes library to your iPhone via Wi-Fi or through the USB port. Many people want to continue using Apple Music without iCloud for the simple fact that they own too many songs and it would be counterproductive to store them all in the cloud, since in some cases they take up more space than available . Also, others do not want to use Apple Music on multiple devices or computers, so they would not need iCloud for it.

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